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Queen's Badge Recipients (2005/2006)

Queen's Badge

Congratulations to the following young men and their Officers on the achievement of The Boys' Brigade's premier award - The Queen's Badge, during the 2005-2006 session.

  • Paul McCollum (1st Ballywatt)
  • Andrew McCarter (1st Coleraine)
  • Dane Tempelton (1st Coleraine)
  • Christopher Wilson Hunter (2nd Coleraine)
  • Gareth Alistair Steele (2nd Coleraine)
  • Jensen Armour (5th Coleraine)
  • Jonathan Graham (5th Coleraine)
  • David Stafford (5th Coleraine)
  • Richard Wilson (1st Drumavhose)
  • Roger Campbell (1st Garvagh)
  • Uel Dougherty (1st Garvagh)
  • Warren Smith (1st Garvagh)
  • Andrew Torrens (1st Garvagh)
  • John Torrens (1st Garvagh)
  • Vance Brownlow (1st Kilrea)
  • Andrew Gardiner (1st Kilrea)
  • Richard Lowry (1st Kilrea)
  • Jonathan McCormick  (1st Kilrea)
  • Andrew Blair (1st Limavady)
  • Adam Semple (1st Limavady)
  • Gareth Wilson (1st Limavady)
  • Andrew Blair (2nd Limavady)
  • Nigel Mearns (2nd Limavady)
  • Paul Mearns (2nd Limavady)
  • Ian Pollock (2nd Limavady)
  • Mark Thorpe (2nd Limavady)
  • Kyle Wallder (2nd Limavady)
  • Alan McKnight (1st Portrush)

And congratulations to Warren Smyth (1st Garvagh) who has qulified through the King George VI Officer Cadet Scheme in July 2006.

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Battalion Bowls Competition 2006

The Battalion Bowls Competition was held on Saturday 21st October 2006. The results were as follows:

J. Foster (1st Balteagh) 5
R. Adams (1st Macosquinn) 2

J. & D. Oliver (1st Balteagh) 7
D. Boyd (1st Kilrea) & A. Guy (1st Drumacose) 2

Mark Callaghan (2nd Coleraine)

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Company Section Tournament Results 2005/06

Battalion Results

Event Winners Runners-up
Badminton 5th Coleraine 1st Ballywillian
Bowls (Singles) G Steele
(2nd Coleraine)
M Callaghan
(2nd Coleraine)
Bowls (Pairs) M Callaghan & M Mason
(2nd Coleraine)

Junior Volleyball 1st Garvagh 1st Ballywatt
Senior Volleyball 1st Kilrea 1st Ballywatt
Junior 5-a-side 1st Ballywillian 1st Garvagh
Senior 5-a-side 5th Coleraine 1st Garvagh
Masterteam 2nd Coleraine
Orienteering 2nd Coleraine (D) 2nd Coleraine (C)
Scripture Exam 1st Kilrea
Drill 1st Ballywatt 2nd Coleraine

Northern Ireland District Champions

Inter Company Bowls (Pairs)
G Steele & O Steele (2nd Coleraine)

Rugby 7-a-side (Junior)
5th Coleraine

1st Portrush

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