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Queen's Badge Recipients (2005/2006)

Queen's Badge

Congratulations to the following young men and their Officers on the achievement of The Boys' Brigade's premier award - The Queen's Badge, during the 2005-2006 session.

  • Paul McCollum (1st Ballywatt)
  • Andrew McCarter (1st Coleraine)
  • Dane Tempelton (1st Coleraine)
  • Christopher Wilson Hunter (2nd Coleraine)
  • Gareth Alistair Steele (2nd Coleraine)
  • Jensen Armour (5th Coleraine)
  • Jonathan Graham (5th Coleraine)
  • David Stafford (5th Coleraine)
  • Richard Wilson (1st Drumavhose)
  • Roger Campbell (1st Garvagh)
  • Uel Dougherty (1st Garvagh)
  • Warren Smith (1st Garvagh)
  • Andrew Torrens (1st Garvagh)
  • John Torrens (1st Garvagh)
  • Vance Brownlow (1st Kilrea)
  • Andrew Gardiner (1st Kilrea)
  • Richard Lowry (1st Kilrea)
  • Jonathan McCormick  (1st Kilrea)
  • Andrew Blair (1st Limavady)
  • Adam Semple (1st Limavady)
  • Gareth Wilson (1st Limavady)
  • Andrew Blair (2nd Limavady)
  • Nigel Mearns (2nd Limavady)
  • Paul Mearns (2nd Limavady)
  • Ian Pollock (2nd Limavady)
  • Mark Thorpe (2nd Limavady)
  • Kyle Wallder (2nd Limavady)
  • Alan McKnight (1st Portrush)

And congratulations to Warren Smyth (1st Garvagh) who has qulified through the King George VI Officer Cadet Scheme in July 2006.

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