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Ten Pin Bowling Competition


The Boys’ Brigade movement was 125 years old in October and one way in which the Coleraine & District Battalion decided to celebrate this very important anniversary was to hold a Ten Pin Bowling Competition for Company Section boys. The event was held at the refurbished Jet Centre and attracted an entry of 144 boys and officers. The evening was competitive but also fun packed, with prizes available for the top three in forms 1 to 3 and 4 to 7. Spot prizes were also awarded to players who achieved at least two strikes.

Forms 1 to 3.
  1. Shann Leahy (1st Portstewart) 125
    Conor Shields (5th Coleraine) 125
  2. Mark Donaghy (1st Ballywillan) 116
    Ross Jamison (5th Coleraine) 116
  3. Mark Blair (1st Macosquin) 113
Forms 4 to 7.
  1. James Purcell (1st Balteagh) 135
  2. Glen Armstrong ( 1st Garvagh) 130
  3. Robert McFaul (1st Macosquin) 119
    Ben Cartwright (1st Drumachose) 119
The competition was organised by the Battalion’s Recreation Convener – Ivan Morrison, who has to be congratulated for running such a successful event which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The focus of the evening was not just for the boys of our own Battalion but also as part of the Brigade’s Anniversary Project “Palm in Palm” £230 was raised for the boys of the BB in Cameroon, West Africa.


Photos 1 & 2. Prize winners receiving their awards from Ivan Morrison (Rec Convener) and Rev. Trevor McCormick (Battalion President).



Some of the young competitors enjoying an evening of fun at the BB Battalion Ten Pin Bowling Competition.

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Queen's Badge Recipients (2007/2008)

Queen's Badge

Congratulations to the following young men and their Officers on the achievement of The Boys' Brigade's premier award - The Queen's Badge, during the 2007-2008 session.

  • Christopher Carson (1st Ballywatt)
  • David Oliver (1st Balteagh)
  • David Ferguson (2nd Coleraine)
  • Zhanzhan Tom He (2nd Coleraine)
  • Stuart McAleese (1st Drumachose)
  • David Boyd (1st Garvagh)
  • Ashley Moore (1st Garvagh)
  • Jordan Webster (1st Garvagh)
  • Gareth Blair (2nd Limavady)
  • Graham Thompson (2nd Limavady)
  • Thomas Kelso (1st Tamlaght O'Crilly)
  • Michael Stewart (1st Tamlaght O'Crilly)

We also congratulate Jordan Webster (1st Garvagh) who has qulified through the King George VI Officer Cadet Scheme 2008

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