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Bowling for Success

The Coleraine & District Battalion of the Boys’ Brigade held its first competition of the new session with an outing to the Ten Pin Bowling Alley at the Coleraine Jet Centre. A good turnout of almost 120 boys took part, occupying 20 lanes. Competition between the boys was keen and all involved had a very enjoyable and fun packed evening.

Junior Winners
5th Coleraine
Senior Winners
2nd Limavady

Local Company 5th Coleraine came out on top of eight teams in the Junior Event (forms 1 to 3) scoring a respectable total of 483 points. Second place went to the boys of 1st Ballywatt Company who accumulated a score of 431 points. Individual prizes were won by Trevor Scott (2nd Limavady) who obtained the highest score of 112 points and runner-up was Stephen Kelso (1st Tamlaght O’Crilly) with 109 points. Joshua Greene (5th Coleraine) triumphed by winning the prize for the highest number of Strikes & Spares.

Limavady teams dominated play in the Senior Event (forms 4 to U6) with the boys of 2nd Limvady being victorious achieving a remarkable score of 583 points. Narrowly coming runners-up were 1st Balteagh with 570 points just a couple of bowls behind. James Purcell won the battle for the individual prizes making the highest score with 144 and also hitting the highest number of Strikes & Spares. Ian Archibald (2nd Limavady) came second to James in both competitions and notched up an individual score of 134 points.

Our thanks for a hugely successful competition go to Ivan Morrison (Battalion Recreation Officer) who organised the event and the staff of the Jet Centre for their helpful assistance.

Photos are available on the Battalion Bebo page, you must be a member of the Battalion group to view the images.

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