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Queen's Badge Recipients (2009/2010)

Queen's Badge
Congratulations to the following young men and their officers on the achievement of The Boys' Brigade's premier award - The Queen's Badge, during the 2009-2010 session.
  • Adam Dorrans (1st Ballywatt)
  • Andrew Lyons (1st Ballywatt)
  • Gareth McClenaghan (1st Ballywatt)
  • Jonathan Alcorn (1st Balteagh)
  • James Purcell (1st Balteagh)
  • Jordan Greer (1st Coleraine)
  • Ryan McCarter (1st Coleraine)
  • Connor Wallace (1st Coleraine)
  • David Quiston (2nd Coleraine)
  • Philip Gilliand (5th Coleraine)
  • Alexander Gourley (5th Coleraine)
  • Andrew Mawhinney (5th Coleraine)
  • James Scott (5th Coleraine)
  • Andrew Bloomfield (1st Drumachose)
  • Andrew Guy (1st Drumachose)
  • Stephen McAleese (1st Drumachose)
  • Mark Riley (1st Drumachose)
  • Glenn McAfee (1st Dunboe)
  • Andrew Laughlin (1st Kilrea)
  • James McCaughern (1st Kilrea)
  • Andrew Paul (1st Kilrea)
  • Andrew Robinson (1st Limavady)
  • Robert Kirke (2nd Limavady)
  • Jude Readdie (2nd Limavady)
And congratulations to Mark Callaghan (2nd Coleraine) who has qulified through the Brigade Training Officer Scheme in June 2010.

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