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2011 Masterteams Competitions

8 teams from 5 different Companies took part in the Coleraine Battalion Masterteams Competition held in Terrace Row Presbyterian Church Coleraine. With Mr Paul Ballentine in the Quiz Master’s Chair, the boys answered questions on a wide range of topics. After the nine designated rounds, 5th Coleraine were the convincing winners with 1st Garvagh runners-up some 8 points behind. Thanks to all you took part in an enjoyable evening and thanks to Terrance Row Church for hosting the event.

Battalion Chaplain Rev Ivan Hunter presented
the trophy to the winners – 5th Coleraine.

  • 5th Coleraine a/b/c/d
  • 1st Coleraine
  • 2nd Coleraine
  • 1st Ballywatt
  • 1st Garvagh

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