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Masterteams Competition 2013

15 Teams from 6 different Companies took part in the Annual Master teams Competition held in the Terrace Row Presbyterian Church Hall on the 28th February 2013 at 7.30pm. Fergus Thompson was our Quiz Master and questions were answered in the following categories; Geography, General Knowledge, Picture, History, Music, Scripture, Sport and Current Affairs.

 The eventual winners were 1st Limavady with a Total of 83 points, runners up 2nd Limavady had a score of 82.

Also taking part in the Competition was a team of Officers drawn from the Various companies in the Battalion. Age and experience proved to be invaluable and the Officers managed a Score 82.5, which was only 0.5points behind the winning score.

Our thanks to all the teams who took part and thanks to 5th Coleraine who hosted the event.

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Battalion 5-a-side Football 2012

The Battalion annual 5-a-side Football Competition took place in December at the University of Ulster at Coleraine.

The Junior competition on Monday 17th December with 15 teams from 11 companies. The two semi finals were 1st Macosquin vs 1st Portrush, with the Portrush team winning 1-0, and 1st Limavady vs 1st Kilrea with the Kilrea team winning 2-1. The then took place between 1st Kilrea and 1st Limavady, the Kilrea took the junior competition title on penalties 2-0 over Portrush.

The Senior competition on Tuesday 18th December with a total of 11 teams from 9 companies. The two semifinals were 1st Coleraine vs Limavady (0-2) and 5th Coleraine B vs 1st Garvagh (1-0). 2nd Limavady and 5th Coleraine made it through to the final with 2nd Limavady winning by 2 goals to 1 over the 5th Coleraine Team.

More Photos on Facebook...

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Volleyball Competition 2012

The annual Battalion Volleyball Competition was held between Thursday 22nd (Junior competition) and Friday 23rd (Senior competition) November 2012 at St Patrick's Church of Ireland Halls, Coleraine.

Junior Competition Result

8 teams from 6 companies were represented on the Thursday night. The semi-final matches were 2nd Coleraine vs 1st Ballywatt and 1st Portrush vs 1st Garvagh. 

2ND Coleraine A ran out comfortable winners against 1st Ballywatt, winning by 2 sets to 0, 15-2 and 15-5. The second semi-final was slightly closer with 1st Portrush beating 1st Garvagh by 2 sets to 0, 15-10 and 15-10.

The Final between 1st Portrush and 2nd Coleraine A was an evenly contested match, with 2nd Coleraine running out eventual winners by two sets to one, but only by the narrowest of margins , 16-14, 10-15 and 15-6.

Senior Competition Result

10 teams from 8 companies were represented on the Friday night. The Semi-final matches were paired as follows; 1st Garvagh A Vs 1st Tamlaght and 1st Portrush Vs 1st Kilrea

1ST Tamlaght ran out comfortable winners against 1st Garvagh, winning by 2 sets to 0, 15-6 and 15-11. The second semi-final was a much closer match, with 1st Portrush coming from behind to beat 1st Kilrea by 2 sets to 1, 11-15, 15- 7 and 15-12.

The Final between 1st Portrush and 1st Tamlaght was an evenly contested match, with 1st Portrush coming from behind again to win by two sets to one, 9-15, 15-9 and 15-8.

Thanks to William Martin and the 1st Coleraine Boys Brigade who hosted the event in St Patricks Church Hall.

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Badminton 2012/13: Division 1

The Coleraine & District Battalion Division 1 Badminton competition was held at the Jim Watt Centre in Garvagh on 4th March 2013 with 11 teams from 8 companies in the battalion.  
  • Winner: 1st Garvagh A (24 Points) 
  • Runner-up: 2nd Limavady (16 Points) 
1st Garvagh A

2nd Limavady

1st Garvagh B

2nd Coleraine

5th Coleraine

2nd Coleraine have been relegated to Division 2. 

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